Eric's Tivo

Got this for Christmas, and it's worked out well so far. Not a lot on this page other than documenting the wireless adapters that worked well for me.

Originally a "40" hour box, although that's only if you record at crummy quality. Fairly quickly realized that an upgrade was in order, now it's got an 80G Western Digital drive in it.

Wireless Adapters

Also quickly got a wireless USB adapter for it, first one was a Netgear MA111 (FCC ID PY3MA111), which was fine, but only 802.11b. But hey it was $10 after rebate so what the heck. The TiVo home media stuff was painfully slow, though, and if tivo2go ever makes it to Linux or Mac, video transfers would be unbearable.

Then read on pvrblog that a few 802.11g adapters were supported, including the Netgear WG111. This one was $10 after rebate at CompUSA as well this week, so I picked one up. These adapters are notorious for changing the innards without changing the model number, so I was very concerned when I opened it up and it claimed to be a "WG111v2" V2? argh... and contrary what Netgear says the box made no reference to "V2" on the outside.

However, thankfully it did work. For the record, the Netgear WG111v2, (FCC ID PY3WG111V2) seems to work fine with my v7.1 TiVo software.

I'd like to know what the chipset is, wonder what sort of Linux driver they're using for this... From looking at strings in the backup I made at upgrade time, the driver they use is CNXTSPDriver.o, so I suppose it's a Conexant chipset? Looks like maybe the is working on this, although I'm guessing the driver TiVO uses is not open source:

description=Conexant Spinnaker/Cohiba Device Driver

No license tag...