Siri meets wifi thermostat

Oh, man, this is just too cool.  And sadly I just upgraded to an iPhone 4, not 4s (I am both a sucker for a deal, and normally filled with buyer’s regret).  But anyway, this guy used the Radio Thermostat API (which I mentioned in my last post) together with a Siri hack to add voice control to his thermostat.  How awesome is that?  (The thermostat he used is the 3M-50 available at Home Depot, a rebranded version of the CT-30 available at Amazon [amzn]).

Looks like his code is here.

Using a wifi thermostat API

I love it when device manufacturers realize that they can do well by selling a device with documented interfaces, in the hopes that a nebulous community of hackers will invent cool new things for it. So I was pretty happy when the Radio Thermostat Company of America announced that they had an API available for their wifi thermostats (such as the 3M-50 at Home Depot or the CT-50 [amzn] at Amazon). Continue reading

Therms per Heating Degree Day

Click for interactive graph

In an earlier post I had tried out a few ways to figure out if our energy-saving efforts with respect to natural gas use were paying off; I did a few bar graphs of therms per day, per heating degree day, rolling yearly averages, etc.  I knew that I needed to normalize for the weather using Heating Degree Days, since natural gas is our primary heating fuel, and I probably needed to find a way to separate space heating from water heating, which have different conservation methods, and which may or may not be weather dependent. Continue reading