So Stephen Colbert interviewed Mary Matalin the other day.  He heads right in, spots the cross she’s wearing, and says, riffing on Glen Beck:

Colbert: “Now why are you wearing a cross … you know Jesus preached Social Justice – it makes you look like a Commie.”

Matalin: “Yes he did.  He also preached teach ’em how to fish, don’t give ’em a fish, right?  You don’t work, you don’t eat.”

Colbert: “He said ‘I will make you fishers of men.‘  I don’t believe Jesus said, ‘If you don’t work, you don’t eat.’ …  I believe he said ‘sell everything you have and give it to the poor, and then you will find the kingdom of God,’ but …”

Matalin: “close enough …”

Tip: nowhere in the Bible does it say “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day…” yadda yadda.  So here’s this sanctimonious  Republican strategist, wearing her cross, leading into why she thinks it’s a bad thing to help 35 million uninsured Americans, and claiming that Jesus said “you don’t eat, you don’t work.”

Amazing.  Let’s hear it for the party of morals and values!

craigslist nanny-state

So I posted this on craigslist:

New, unopened 2nd-gen 8G iPod Touch – $190

This is a brand-new, unopened 2nd generation 8G iPod Touch; I got it with a new laptop, but have no need for it.

On Edit: Need to switch this to cash-only, based on the scams received thus far…

… and 3 days later it gets flagged/removed, for some unstated reason.
So I go to the forums and ask what I did wrong, and get whacked upside the head by multiple people.  “new in box is a red flag”  “don’t talk about your laptop” and most of all “you asked too much for it”

But seriously, it’s up to the anonymous caped crusaders of craigslist to protect the masses from deals which “aren’t good enough?”  Asking “too much” gets your post removed?  Whatever.

Makes me suddenly less interested in using this particular online tool.

What is this scam?

So I post an iPod for sale on craigslist, and I’m getting these:

I’m just interested in the iPod ,just wanted to get your attention. I’d love to buy the iPod as a perfect gift for my fiancee.he just got transferred to one of our international offices (chevron) oversea and i will like it to be delivered to him because I am currently out of town doing a little work for the company. I’ll be paying through pay pal because it is efficient and i believe $100 will be enough to take care of  shipment fees and other expense incurred, so kindly get back to me with your confirm paypal account id, so i can go ahead to effect the payment.


I want you to know that i so much have interest in this item for my Grandson wedding gift in Abroad and i will add extra $100 for the shipping cost for you. I should have come and pay you with cash, but am out of the town for now. So for quick business, i want you to send me your PayPal account email so that i can use it to make the payment to your account now.

Thanks and get back to me asap.

Clearly a scam, but anybody know how this one works?  Grr.

Coming clean on O_PONIES

The O_PONIES thing came up in the context of how ext3 behaves, how app writers wish that every filesystem behaved like ext3 (in the good ways , of course, not in the bad ways, oh no!) and how generally they’d like a pony with that, too, please. In other words, open your files with O_PONIES and the world is your oyster; the filesystem will grant your every wish.

It’s become the running joke among the filesystem developers I know, but as it turns out I was the one who coined it (I think?) Jeff thinks so too, which is what reminded me. Ted T’so thought it was Jeff, but he was 2 weeks behind the curve. Who knew I’d leave such a lasting impression.

$ grep O_PONIES OFTC-#linuxfs.txt | head -n 1
<sandeen> Mar 15 23:34:10 open(my_configfile, O_PONIES);

I made a tshirt, too:



But it was Val, with her impeccable sense of style, timing, and politics, who had the good sense to make a t-shirt with an extra inkjet t-shirt transfer I gave her, and wear it on photo day at LSF:

LSF Group Photo

LSF Group Photo

I wore mine on day 1, and other than a photo Matt Mackall took, there is no record.

But now you know the secret of the man behind the O_PONIES curtain!