Getting network stats off an Actiontec GT724R

My ISP got bought, moved, etc and suddenly my trusty old Cisco 678 DSL modem no longer sufficed.  Grr.  But oh well, Actiontec DSL modems aren’t that expensive, so I got a GT624R and things were groovy again.  But the Cisco supported SNMP so that I could gather network stats for mrtg; the Actiontec does not.  So I had to write my own script to get interface stats and output it in mrtg format, for anyone interested it’s below the jump.

use Net::Telnet ();

# Put your hostname here
my $host = "actiontec";
# Put your admin username here
my $username = "admin";
# Put your admin password here
my $passwd = "PASSWORD";

$t = new Net::Telnet(Timeout => 10, Prompt => '/# $/');
$t->login($username, $passwd);

my @lines = $t->cmd("grep nas0 /proc/net/dev");
my @stats = split(/[: ]+/, $lines[0]);

# Receive
print "$stats[2]\n";
# Transmit
print "$stats[10]\n";

@lines = $t->cmd("uptime");
if ($lines[0] =~ s/.* up (.*), load average: .*//m) {
  $uptime = $1;
} else {
  # errr something went wrong just print it all
  $uptime = $lines[0];

print "$uptime\n";
print "$host\n";

I don’t claim to write pretty perl. :)

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