New look

I didn’t intentionally change the layout… EPEL sprung a WordPress 3.1 upgrade on me, and it seems the old theme is gone (in addition  to needing a database upgrade before anything would even display, bleah!)  So you’ll have to stare at the lonely guy walking down the country road until I find something I like better.

4 thoughts on “New look

  1. I like your pachube logging utility…would like to adapt the setup for my Windows based home pc, but not adept at cron file setup. Can you recommend or assist with adapting your script file to some utility on a windows pc to achieve the same results? I have an 11kW new 2 axis tracking system with enphase inverters, would live to be able to share the data with friends…thanks!
    Bill K

  2. Hi Bill – I’ll send you a note; I should do a formal writeup on all this stuff sometimes. Windows can run perl, certainly, and I imagine there is some cron equivalent… but I’d hate to be the reason for a windows pc being left on 24/7. Maybe I can talk you into running a small embedded linux box like the pogoplug instead. :)

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