Siri meets wifi thermostat

Oh, man, this is just too cool.  And sadly I just upgraded to an iPhone 4, not 4s (I am both a sucker for a deal, and normally filled with buyer’s regret).  But anyway, this guy used the Radio Thermostat API (which I mentioned in my last post) together with a Siri hack to add voice control to his thermostat.  How awesome is that?  (The thermostat he used is the 3M-50 available at Home Depot, a rebranded version of the CT-30 available at Amazon [amzn]).

Looks like his code is here.

2 thoughts on “Siri meets wifi thermostat

  1. Eric – Eww. Please hand over your Linux Kernel Hacker card and unregister from kernelplanet before next post.

    Kthxbai :)

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