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Electric Usage

Electric Usage

Despite the bass-ackwards Microsoft Hohm presentation (Months left to right, years right to left?!) if you squint real hard you can see we are making a decent dent in our electricity usage.  Hohm does weird things to try to average out over the month etc, so when February’s bill comes Jan may adjust a little, but I’m very pleased with this.  Granted, last year we were running an electric space heater (ouch!) but still, this is a very low month relative to the historical amounts.  Given that we have 2 fridges, an electric range, and an electric clothes dryer, I think it’s not too bad.

Things done:

  • CFLs everywhere (has been done for years, actually)
  • Turn off lights like a madman
  • Set the Mythbox to turn off when not in use or recording
  • Plug all AV equipment into back of receiver to kill most phantom power
  • Put VOIP box & 2 cordless phones on timer to turn off in the wee hours
  • Got a HE washer that spins clothes thoroughly, reducing drying time

Things yet to do:

  • Get rid of the 2nd fridge (or replace w/ better if we can’t live without)
  • Look into an Atom board for hosting this server
  • Get solar panels :)
  • Wait ’til summer & hang up more clothes

2 thoughts on “Getting there

    • Yep, it’s nice, though I wish they had more than just monthly updates – I know for a fact that Xcel has daily meter readings for me most days. And Hohm usually updates a day or so after I get my bill in the mail.

      Oh well one thing at a time; once I get this working, I won’t need it so much anymore. :)

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