How to get home energy data into home energy trackers?

I’ve been working on a new home energy monitor since my old one stopped working after the new net meter went in.  It’s easy enough to send some data up to, but there are a lot of neat sites out there which have gotten started helping consumers track their home energy use:

Each has their own API, and most of them work with some subset of the commercial energy monitors out there:

But do you really want to pick your device based on the sites they support, or vise versa?  And wouldn’t it be nice if a single device could report to any or all of the above monitoring sites, each with their various strengths and weaknesses?

It’d be possible to make an energy-data-multiplexer which can accept inputs from any of the above devices, store the basic usage in a database (just feed name / timestamp / power value), and from there send it out to any/all of the sites which accept such data.  It’s just a Simple Matter of Programming ™ to write the interfaces on both sides…. right? :)

Anyone have experience with this kind of thing?

2 thoughts on “How to get home energy data into home energy trackers?

  1. Hey,

    it is possible – the real problem you have is where to put the multiplexer. Having an always-on pc will munch power, really you need to have a bridge device between your reader and the internet, and you multiplex from your online service

    more tomorrow – gotta go ..


    • Sure – well, I already have an always-on (40W) PC which performs many tasks, so that’s ok for now. Otherwise something like a Sheevaplug could fit the bill.

      It could certainly be an online service as well. I’m more interested in what existing bits and pieces may help with this…


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