Where are the Hyper-Watters?

A while ago – maybe around when the Prius first appeared? – there was a lot of talk about the hypermilers.  You know, the folks who would coast down the hill to their garage and draft 6″ off 18-wheelers in an effort to eke out the very best possible mpg in their car?  I know it is a cultural phenomenon, because it has a Wikipedia entry!  There are also YouTube videos, Wired articles, and Instructables.  Clearly, this has caught people’s fancy – probably because paying for gas sucks, especially now.  Saving energy and money – in your car – has become just a little bit cool.

So where are the hyperwatters, the folks who eke every bit of utility out of every watt-hour?  Where are the forums, the Wired articles, the … words of the year for the electrical efficiency freaks?

Even if the word isn’t in our language yet, I’m pretty sure you may be a hyperwatter if you:
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So – are you out there?  Are you with me?  Have you gone to any extremes to shave that last kWh off your bill?  Will it take electricity at $1/kWh for “hyperwatter” to become the 2014 word of the year?

11 thoughts on “Where are the Hyper-Watters?

  1. We’re out here, as you know :-)

    Seriously, though, I think they’re more hypermilers because:

    a) driving is more “sexy” than turning out lights at home;
    b) electricity is so much cheaper than gasoline;

    Of course, when you put driving together with electricity (and solar), that’s when it all becomes a lot sexier, and I suspect you might see more hyperwatters soon because of this..

  2. So, Christof, what’s your hyperwatter equivalent to drafting 6″ off a semi to get that last kWh shaved off your bill? :)

    That’s a good point that the EV hypermilers may also be hyperwatters, if they make the holistic connection…

  3. I didn’t know that what I do had a name other than efficient. Last year my AVERAGE monthly use was 438 kwh down from 513 in 2009. My goal is to average 350. Years ago Mother Earth News preached Reduce, Reduce, Reduce and then you can go with solar power. Next month I will be installing a 3.9Kw system. It will be great to watch that meter run backwards.

    • Gerard, cool! With 3.9kW you should definitely go backwards, overall. Our 2.5kW array has achieved that a couple months, with monthly use in the 300kWh-400kWh range. Let me know how it goes!

      BTW, I think “efficient” is quite descriptive… but not so marketable. ;)

  4. I think we qualify – our record last year was 90 kW-hrs for the month of June, although that was some pretty extreme living (we turned our water heater off in addition to the air conditioning and all other extra appliances).

    So how do we make it sexy? I’d love to know…

  5. Hm, now I am considering replacing my existing laserprinter, which sleeps at 4W, for a newer model which sleeps at 0.9W. I know that on balance, that would not exactly help anything in the big picture, but it is tempting. 4W is 26kW/year! :)

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