LEAF battery replacement update

New LEAF battery

Just a quick note here – the LEAF battery did finally go under warranty on Sept 24, 2017, and I got it replaced with minimal hassle back in great shape on October 3.  The LeafSPY stats on the new battery actually dropped fairly quickly after I got it which was worrisome, but now (in the very cold weather) it’s holding steady at about 97% state of health, with 62.3Ahr and 90.35Hx.

The stats when it finally dropped the 9th bar were:

Miles: 40623
Ahr: 43.51
Hx: 45.25

I’ve definitely needed that fresh capacity for this harsh winter, it’s been fine, but frigid mornings still show the Guess-o-Meter at as low as 50-60 miles at times.

2 thoughts on “LEAF battery replacement update

  1. what can I do???
    I did not qualify for the new battery repalcement because I had neither 8 bars left or over 60,000 miles in 2017. I havE a 2012 LEAF, AND 60 MONTHS OR 60,000 MILES IS WHAT i NEEDED AT THAT TIME. help WHERE DOES THAT PUT ME??

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