And now Hohm gets the axe

So, Microsoft Hohm is going away next year, too.

The feedback from customers and partners has remained encouraging throughout Microsoft Hohm’s beta period. However, due to the slow overall market adoption of the service, we are instead focusing our efforts on products and solutions more capable of supporting long-standing growth within this evolving market.

blah, blah, blah….

Gosh, now how will Microsoft charge all those Ford Focus EVs? :/

Ok, big guys, get out of the way. I’ve seen what the little guys can do – witness (granted, solar geeks are already a self-motivated bunch). I think energy monitoring absolutely has a future, and a positive role to play. But it may go better when led by a passionate, democratic, fired-up community than something that was born on a powerpoint slide. It might even catch on some day. Maybe not ’til energy prices double or triple though. :)

3 thoughts on “And now Hohm gets the axe

  1. Just more confirmation that most Americans don’t give a RA about conserving energy.

    The main reason behind that is that energy is way too cheap and that we aren’t paying the true costs we should be for fossil fuels.

    But the over-arching framework here is capitalist logic: Everything, every human (in)action, is governed by “how much is it going to cost me” thinking.

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