Google PowerMeter is teh shiznit


Yay!  I got my homebrew powermeter running (based on’s design, still just stuck together on a breadboard) and after reading up on this article on the Mosquitto project’s blog, it’s not so hard to get data up to Google PowerMeter.  I’m not using MQTT at the moment, just retrieving data from pachube & forwarding it to PowerMeter, but it works.  The net flow representation (above) is pretty neat.  Kudos to Google for opening up the API!

And  now a bit of good news / bad news.

  • Good news: I hit the Megawatt-Hour mark a few days ago for the arrray.  Sounds like a lot, eh?  :)
  • Bad news: roofers came out to check for hail damage, and found none, but apparently the solar installers did a fair bit of damage to my new roof (as suspected…)  If I had it to do over I would have hired the roofers to at least put the solar standoffs on the roof, they’re way more at home up there. :(

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