Night Biking

The Minnesota Renewable Energy Society was hosting a screening of Carbon Nation tonight at the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis.  They also had tours of the University’s entry in the Solar Decathlon contest, a pretty neat little house.

Overall the movie was pretty good; supposed to be about climate solutions but I couldn’t help feeling a fair bit of despair.  I guess it’s just how I’m wired.

But you can’t really drive your car 6 miles to go to a film about climate solutions, so I rode my bike.  On the way home, around 9pm, it was spitting rain, verging on sleet.  It was a great ride.  Stopped at a light and talked to a guy on a mountain bike, all decked out for a ride in this weather.  With some sort of speaker system in his jacket so he had music for the ride.

I’d forgotten how great a night ride in the city can be.

One thought on “Night Biking

  1. The Denver area has a very good network of bike baths, which means I can cover 8 of the 10 miles between my house and work place on a bike path.

    It’s so much more relaxing to ride a bike to work, than to drive — I end up driving quite a bit lately because the international school where my girls go is 1 mile from where I work.

    The only time I ever encounter stress while biking is, you guessed it, when I get off the bike bath and have to interact with automobiles, and some of the nasty drivers that zoom around in them.

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