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Atmospheric CO2

Really not much here, but this is better than looking at a directory listing, isn't it...

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The Blog

The page you're looking at is fairly boring and almost never changes. For "the good stuff" please see the blog.

My SqueezeBox

Now I have a squeezebox. It reports to, here are my recently played tracks & top weekly artists:

Cheap flash programmer

The whole story is here...

Misc. Cruft

Linux Stuff

Audio Advantage Micro S/PDIF?

This usb soundcard claims to do S/PDIF output, looking into how to do it w/ Linux.

FreeCheck / GnuMICR

MICR Symbols
I'm currently working on a check printing application for Linux, tentatively called "FreeCheck" (ugh... if you have a better name, let me know...). The first thing I had to do was create a freely distributable MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) font for the funny-looking line at the bottom of the check. That's done - it's called "GnuMICR" and it's here.

I also have a Perl script going that will generate a check based on a config file. This is the actual "FreeCheck" program. You can get it here.

You'll need a PostScript printer, or GhostScript to use the script - it generates PostScript. GhostScript 6.01 does an excellent job of converting PostScript to PDF though, so that makes things nice and portable.

Samsung Phone Sync - SamBru

SamBru (Samsung Backup and Restore Utility) is a fairly simple Perl script that will read and write the phone list, calendar, and todo list in Samsung SCH-6100 and SCH-8500 phones. It can save to vCard and vCalendar format, so you can use other apps to edit the data, including GnomeCard and GnomeCal


I've done a little bit of work on audio drivers for the Linux bttv driver. There may or may not be a newer version of the tda7432 driver here. I've also written the BTTV HOWTO, but it's hosted at, not here... if I start doing another draft when the 2.4 kernel comes out, drafts will probably be here.

Personal stuff

Well, some drunk girl ran a red light and smashed my Pathfinder. Barbara convinced me that we needed a sedan, so we got a used Passat. It's pretty sweet... gotta love that german engineering.

The only other fun things here are some pictures of a raccoon that was breaking into our house through the cat door. I set up an infrared ligt source and some motion detection software, and took some pictures with the webcam. Barb says "What are you gonna do, take it to court?!" Oh well... it was fun. :)

My TiVo

Everybody has a TiVo, I used to... but now I have a MythTV box. It's awesome.

My Audiotron

Not everybody has an Audiotron, but I do.

Well, I don't use it anymore....

If you like lots of email addresses, then I have some email for you.